Tom Kaye's Personal Web page

2014 in China studying feathered dinosaurs using laser fluorescence
This is the personal web page of Tom Kaye or if you have a lot of history with me I'm Tom Kotsiopoulos (I use Kaye as a business name). I have a diverse group of friends and thousands of customers that know me through the internet. I created this page because I rarely talk about the different things I'm involved with unless you specifically ask and show a big interest. In conversation I always use the phrase "we are doing / working on this" because I feel to do otherwise, is to discount the many people that assist in my endeavors. In this web site I will take the liberty and use "I" to describe my life, interests and the world I live in.


Please visit these dedicated websites to get an in depth look at our projects: - DB Cooper investigation with the FBI - Worlds smallest high pressure compressor that we manufacture - Website about our work in astrophysics - Foundation for Scientific Advancement our foundation to explore science