Science is not an individual endevor, all of these people play a significant roll in my investigations and I am proud to work with them.

Mel Ulmer
Mel is the Director of the Astrophysics Program at Northwestern University. NASA is funding research into production of lightweight mirrors for deployment in space and ground based systems. My roll on the team is to characterize the mirror prototypes.
Matt Carrano
Matt is head curator for dinosaurs at the Smithsonian Institution. We have shared a decade of field work together in Wyoming and Montana. We recently coauthored a description of a microsite we found in Montana. Currently we are working on detecting microfossils in the Cloverly formation using laser fluorescence.
Paul Sereno
The world famous Paul Sereno needs no introduction. Paul has recently found a graveyard of ancient hunter/gatherer's in Niger, Africa. He has assembled a large team of scientists to investigate the site. My roll has been to spectroscopically analyze objects from the site.
Brent Breithaupt
Brent is the state paleontologist for Wyoming. Barnum Brown was a famous paleontologist around the turn of the century and we are investigating his field work in Wyoming at that time.
Darin Croft
Darin is assistant professor for the Department of Anatomy at Case Western Reserve University. He received his PhD at University of Chicago where we started our decade long string of field work under permit to the Field Museum in Chicago. We coauthored the technique of using UV light to detect fossils at night.
Chris Sidor
I have known Chris for more than a decade but only since becoming the curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Burke museum has he done field work in this country. We are now doing an expedition together at my sites in Wyoming to collect specimens for the Burkes new display hall.
Zbigniew Sawlowicz
Zbigniew is a PhD geologist and head of the Geology Department at Jagiellonian University, in Kraków, Poland. He is a coauthor on on the dinosaur soft tissue research
John Innis
John has a PhD in astrophysics and worked in stellar seismology, but moved into atmospheric studies in 1992 when he joined the Australian Antarctic Division. He works on the dynamics of the high-latitude thermosphere, and now is studying the middle atmosphere using an Antarctic LIDAR. He was a coauthor of the tau Boo paper.
Gary Gaugler
Gary has a doctorate in electronics engineering and specializes in SEM analysis through his company Microtechnics. We shared a cooperative research and development agreement with the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DEMA) to investigate light element analysis under the SEM using EDS. Gary is also a coauthor on the dinosaur soft tissue project.
Sigfried Vanaverbeke
Sigfried is a PhD physicist working at the university of Leuven in Belgium. He normally works in non-linear acoustics but is interested in the orbital parameters of extrasolar planets. He was a coauthor on the tau Bootis paper and we are currently working on transit timing variations of exoplanets.
Eric Palmer
Eric has a doctorate in optical engineering and worked for Raytheon designing spy satellites. Eric did the optical design of the 1.1 meter telescope.