Airgun Designs

I retired in 2005 from the paintball business which I was involved in since 1987. I have had the rare opportunity to see an industry grow from a complete unknown to the 2nd most popular outdoor sport in America. My companies Airgun Designs and Perfect Circle Paintballs made several contributions to the game including compressed air systems and less-lethal pepper filled projectiles. Along the way I have met thousands of interesting people from all over the world.

I am proud of the fact that my participation in this industry has made paintball more than just a game. It now contributes in a socially beneficial way through the use of our police and military less-lethal designs previously unavailable as an option. An internet search of pepperball will come up with hundreds of hits demonstrating the use of this product in saving lives.

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Rallying the troops

As General of the Allied Forces at this D-Day game I was first off the landing craft. The pistols didn't do much good against the 800 Germans on the other side but it was a great shot.